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dilluns, de novembre 08, 2004


Hi Asim!

Remember to write the assignments here (it's part of your mark) - if you have trouble with the weblog, get in touch soon. Or send me the assignments by email and I'll post them here.

I see you have also written something but not published it. When you write something, publish it, don't save it as a draft. That way people can read what you write.

See you on Wednesday for the presentation.

divendres, d’octubre 08, 2004

asim:hola everybody!

hi, its asim i jus wanted so say that so far in barcelona no day has been the same. i am having the time of my life here in barca, mainly because i am surrounded with fit, trim,slim, hot, curvy, golden tanned women and as i am single they are all mine for the taking! hahaha. on a serious note so far the city of barcelona hs treated me well with its vibrancy and 24hour lifestyle. furthermore the scenery that i have been lucky to witness has been breathtaking and so far its been a real privledge to have been able to indulge in the experiences that i have had to date-long may it continue. thats all at the moment but tune in next week to c how many women i pulled over the bank holiday period aight!?

dimarts, de setembre 28, 2004

mr asim khan

hi everyone, whagawan?

i am 22 from england and lovin it here in barca! ne gal wanna link den feel free to ask-u knw wot am sayin.breed gal in particular are most welcome.

thats enuf 4now check u later.

divendres, de setembre 24, 2004

Welcome to Catalonia!

Hello and Welcome to the course!